Relaxing Pod by [An_D] @ Architectural Association of London

relaxing pod performance

[An_D], Emdeplo’s London seed, defends a  NOMADIC ARCHITECTURE. We all have become Nomads, diary nomads of the big metropolis of the 21st century, who carry with them all necessary items for surviving 24 hours. Humans became stressed and  velocity has emerged as a new variable in our cities and life generating an anxious way of life that sometimes can destroy the human structure. Relaxing Pod is an envelope that, through the human movements, controls a  transition from an impersonal geometry to a personal space. Space that can be constantly redefined and moved by the user.

A new kind of architecture for the present relationship between the body and the environment, that allows people to create an isolated and quiet space in the middle of the urban speed, whenever and wherever.

Transformable | Transportable | Resusable

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