Material Research for membrane @ Architectural Association of London


In recents decades the notion of a time-based design has increased the architectural practises in exploring new kinds of design more linked to biology. This approach allows thinking in a new kind of architecture whose morphogenesis process can be directly linked to human needs and material plasticity. This membrane studies reflects our position in the current architectural debate.
There are two kinds of parametric architecture:
– Static
– Dynamic
The first kind obtains its form and configuration from several parameters that are not going to vary during the time of the building existence.
The second kind, the one believed with a more enhanced future, is the architecture in which the basic inputs vary during the building life time.
Nowadays, this second kind of building is not currently buildable. Not only because its complex dynamic structures, but also because it would have a very expensive cost.
Emdeplo believes in  the idea of Dynamic Parametric Architecture , (DPA ), being nevertheless Static Parametric Architecture (SPA)   the kind of parametric architecture that is actually being built.


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