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Intelligent Facade development

Developing the concept of Human Oriented Parametric architecture, it will be discussed the need of implementing time as the lost parameter in current design techniques. Morphogenetic processes idea will be discussed through the principle of an adaptable intelligent facade, as the thought solution for future architecture design processes improvement. A model implementing a unique Arduino

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SEQC offices @ Barcelona

SEQC offices are located in Barcelona at the “Eixamble dret” next to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia temple. SEQC required new spaces adequate to new uses next to their historical offices. The original’s building author,  Antoni de Moragas Gallissa, completed in 1959 a design which interiors and façades are currently protected by the town hall due to

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Tórculo shops

Tórculo shops designed for Tórculo Global Printers is a leading global printing corporation for which branding and spaces layout is fundamental as it is theirs clients first step into the brand. The owner asked for a global project for all Tórculo shops, including refurbishment works, branding layout and low cost furniture design and customisation. Corporate layout

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[AELA] Artificial Neural Network + Decision Making + Variable Environments

EmDeplo developed in collaboration with architect Elena Prousalidou @ The Bartlett   Adaptive Architecture & Computation program our proposal for an intelligent decision making machine within a variable environment. Through an Artificial Neural Network training for learning was implemented. Two behaviours were implemented. A first behaviour trying to make the machine learn about how to differentiate

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Emergency Deployable Unit | Field Hospital

The idea of an “Emergency Parametrically Customised Deployable System” was born with [An_D]. [An_D] was a work team, Design Research Laboratory Based, at the Architectural Association of London, which investigated about deployable parametrically customised membranes. Since the beginning we were interested in body oriented architecture, a deployable fully integrated into the body architecture that deploys anywhere and

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Relaxing Pod by [An_D] @ Architectural Association of London

[An_D], Emdeplo’s London seed, defends a  NOMADIC ARCHITECTURE. We all have become Nomads, diary nomads of the big metropolis of the 21st century, who carry with them all necessary items for surviving 24 hours. Humans became stressed and  velocity has emerged as a new variable in our cities and life generating an anxious way of life that sometimes can destroy the human structure. Relaxing Pod is an envelope that, through the human movements, controls a  transition from an impersonal

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Material Research for membrane @ Architectural Association of London

In recents decades the notion of a time-based design has increased the architectural practises in exploring new kinds of design more linked to biology. This approach allows thinking in a new kind of architecture whose morphogenesis process can be directly linked to human needs and material plasticity. This membrane studies reflects our position in the

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Triage Emergency by [An_D] @ Architectural Association of London

The triage emergency system proposed consist in a negotiated mixed space where the interaction between doctors, nurses and patients takes place only in the moments that is completely compulsory. The “sensor-ized” pod will react to the patient weight and movement making a complete adaptable cell, but being always within the positions allowed for the doctor to the patient.

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Bus Station competition

A Bus station is a flow node within the city structure. Define by the passengers flows its development shows the important function it develops within the city’s daily life and complex set of transport relations. EmDeplo believes in a dynamic architecture within which time is another variable that influences the design from the very beginning. The structure

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